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New rules for marketing insurance products in Oman

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Oman insurance rules

Oman’s Capital Market Authority (CMA) has published new rules for the marketing of insurance and takaful products in Oman (Decision E/69/2017). These replace the previous rules issued in 1983.

The new rules introduce a raft of additional requirements including:
– obliging insurers to complete CMA-issued application forms;
– expanding the documentation that an insurer needs to furnish in support of its application for product approval including: policy documents in Arabic, or Arabic translations (which are deemed to override their English counterparts); the insurer’s pricing policy for the product (which must be consistent with the insurer’s board approved underwriting and pricing policy); and marketing materials for the policy;
– recognition of fairness standards, which oblige insurers to ensure that policy documentation is balanced and fair;
– introduction of a time-bound application process (30 days in which to complete the application process from initial filing) and response process (30 days from filing of a complete application for the CMA to respond); and
– levying fees which insurance companies are required to pay the CMA for scrutiny of the product application (OMR 100) and for marketing it in Oman (OMR 500).

While overall the new rules bring structure to the previous practice-driven approach to obtaining CMA approval for marketing new products, insurers are likely to need further guidance on matters not specifically addressed by them. These include the procedure to be followed upon a refusal or deemed refusal of an application by the CMA, or the impact on insured parties and reinsurers of the cancellation by the CMA of consent for marketing a product.

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